Language Arts – The language arts curriculum consists of several components:
    Reading – Students will study comprehension strategies through self-selected reading choices, novel studies and poetry.
    Spelling – Students will have weekly spelling lists and activities that reinforce the spelling rule of the week.
    Grammar - Students will be encouraged to display a basic knowledge of proper grammar. New skills will be introduced and prior skills will be reinforced. These skills will be integrated across the curriculum.
    Writing – Students will write in a variety of formats, including narrative, expository, persuasive, descriptive, and poetry.  There will be an emphasis on skills that help students in development of ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and mechanics.
    Math – Students will study number sense;place value; computation and rounding with whole numbers through addition,subtraction, multiplication, division; decimals; measurement; geometry;fractions; graphing; probability and statistics.  There will be an emphasis on problem solving with estimation and reasonableness, as well as with logical and criticalthinking skills.
    Science – Students will apply the CER and process skills to their study of physical properties of matter; soil and erosion; water cycle, adaptations; plant and animal life cycle; and forms of energy
    Social Studies – Students will study about the history, government, economy, culture, and geography of Texas

    In order to hold students accountable for prior knowledge we will be deducting points offpapers that do not have sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with the proper punctuation.