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     English Class Procedures


    The following list of procedures is meant to make life easier for you and for me so that you can complete the course as efficiently and effectively as possible. Most of the points, listed below, are meant to prepare you for college expectations or the professional world of work. I promise that they are not a plot to make your life miserable.

     In-Class Procedures

    • When you arrive, place time cards at the front of the room in the tray.
    • All handouts listed on your syllabus (including syllabi themselves) are located in the folders to the side of the room, by the bookshelves.
    • Submit all papers to the correct class tray, at the front of the room
    • When you get back a scored paper, please read the comments, ask questions, then immediately place the paper into your portfolio (back of the room in the plastic crates) so that they don’t get misplaced. Remember, your grades are not recorded until you complete the class, so a misplaced paper is a missing grade.
    • Class syllabus and assignment handouts can be found on the class website at


    •  You are expected to do some homework, especially if you are not able to complete the activity in the time suggested on the syllabus.
    • Feel free to enjoy a beverage in class, while you work, but no food in the classroom. Also, keep drinks far away from technology equipment.

    Written Assignments:


    •  Use the correct MLA heading on all papers you turn in for a grade


                                                       Joe Student
                                                       ENG 4- Assignment 2.5
                                                       29 February 2018

    • If typed, the paper must follow MLA guidelines, which meansPapers must be typed (preferred) or hand written in blue or black ink
    *  Times New Roman font
    *  12 point type size
    *  Double spaced
    *  1 inch margin all around (margin size is same for handwritten paper)
    BTW…this MLA formatting is what you will be required to use throughout college, so it pays to learn it now 


    • Highlight the thesis sentence of any essay.
    • Remember that embedded assessments serve as major assessments of the skills you have gained. They should be treated as a midterm or final exam. Therefore, it is expected that you not only do your best to submit high quality work, but that the presentation looks professional (as if you were turning it into a boss on a job).