The eighth grade Language Arts curriculum stems from the College Board Standards for College Success and the Common Core National Standards. SpringBoard, the College Board’s official Pre-AP program, is our foundation. Reading, writing, speaking, listening,and collaborative strategies are used purposefully to build knowledge and skills and to help students become independent readers, writers, and thinkers.

    Unit Themes


    Embedded Assessments

    Unit 1: The Challenge of Heroism

    Poetry, songs, essays, news articles, myths, film clips, The Giver by Lois Lowry

    • Writing a Definition Essay (Expository)
    • Visualizing an Event in Jonas's Journey (Expository – Literary Analysis)

    Unit 2: Real-Life Challenges

    Poetry, Informational texts: articles, letters, editorials

    • Writing about the Media (Expository- Problem/Solution)
    • Writing a Persuasive Essay (Argumentative)


    Unit 4: Voices and Challenges

    Literature Circle Novels (Holocaust fiction and nonfiction), Children’s literature, film clips, informational texts

    • Presenting Voices of the Holocaust (Expository – Literary Analysis)
    • Taking Action About an Issue (Argumentative)

    Unit 5: The Challenge of Comedy

    Film clips, short stories, & excerpts from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

    • Writing an Analysis of a Humorous Text (Expository – Literary Analysis)
    • Performing a Comic Scene

    Embedded Assessments that comprise all steps in the writing process; student reflection on process and product; teacher assessment; and student reflection on assessment.

    • Unit Reflections that demonstrate development as a reader, writer, speaker, and/or listener.
    • Assignments that demonstrate a variety of learning strategies, various stages of the writing process, and reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

    GMS  Book Challenge

    Students will be participating in the GCISD book challenge. They should be reading their book outside of class for at least 20 min per day. 

    Students will study academic and personal vocabulary words that directly connect to and organically stem from the Embedded Assessments and texts in each unit of study. Students will be required to do a minimum of 45 minutes per week of Membean.

    SpringBoard sequences academic vocabulary words within instructional material to strategically and systematically build vocabulary knowledge both vertically and horizontally. The academic vocabulary words are introduced, reinforced and refined throughout the unit and/or year.