• Students that adhere to the following guidelines will be successful in 5th grade.  Failure to adhere to the following guidelines will be documented on the Conduct/Responsibility/Specials (CRS) calendar. 

    Appropriate conduct and responsibility will be recognized through praise, positive messages, and class celebrations. 


    5th Grade Philosophy

    Every student has the right to learn.  No one has the right to interfere with that learning.


    Heritage Elementary School Rules

    Respect yourself

    Respect all adults

    Respect other students

    Respect Heritage Elementary



    Students will have materials and assignments ready when class begins.

    Students will keep personal and room supplies neatly in assigned area.

    Students will work to the best of their ability.



    Special individual privileges or rewards

    Special class privileges or rewards

    Positive phone calls, emails, and notes home



    One check = Loss of recess

      Two checks = Loss of recess & parent contact

    Three checks = Office referral


    Consequences are not cumulative beyond one school day.

    Severe disruption will result in immediate removal from the classroom, and an office referral will be issued.