LEAD 2021


    2017 – 2018 School Year Focus

    At CMS, we focus on our district goals outlined in our GCISD LEAD 2021 strategies. This school year we are digging deeper into the personalization of student learning more than ever before. Using Gallup's StrengthFinder to assist us, we ae focusing on the individual students and staffs strengths to help personalize their instruction. By doing so, we will differentiate for our student's needs while also incorporating important student voice.     

     Portrait of  Graduate
    (Click on  Portrait of a Graduate for details) 

    1. Skilled Problem Solvers

    2. Effective Communicators

    3. Collaborative Workers

    4. Global Citizens
    5. Self-Regulated Learners 


    Click Portrait of a Graduate to get GCISD's five focused traits in PDF format.   
    Click LEAD 2021 to get GCISD's LEAD 2021 Strategies in PDF format.  

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