• Pre-Advanced Placement
    What is Pre-AP?
    The Pre-Advanced Placement (AP) courses will prepare challenge students with rigorous course work in order to prepare them to take Advanced Placement Courses in high school.
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    Why participate in Pre-AP and AP courses? (From www.collegeboard.com)
    Gain the Edge in College Preparation
    • get a head start on college-level work
    • improve your writing skills and sharpen your problem-solving techniques
    • develop the study habits necessary for tackling rigorous course work
    Stand Out in the College Admission Process
    • demonstrate your maturity and readiness for college
    • show your willingness to take the most rigorous courses available to you
    • emphasize your commitment to academic excellence
    Broaden Your Intellectual Horizons
    • explore the world from a variety of perspectives, most importantly your own
    • study subjects in greater depth and detail
    • assume the responsibility of reasoning, analyzing, and understanding for yourself
    How do I enroll?
    Pre-Advanced Placement classes in the four core areas are available in all GCISD middle schools. Pre-AP classes are also available at the high schools. All Pre-AP classes are designed to prepare students to take college-level AP classes and to provide a more rigorous in-depth curriculum.
    Should you decide to enroll in one of these classes, please talk to your counselor about what you might want to take. Discuss the course's workload and any previous preparation that you might need. These classes are rigorous with more depth and complexity. They require time management and a high degree of task commitment.

Last Modified on June 27, 2016