• Colleyville Heritage High School's Advanced Placement World History course is a college level survey course that’s purpose is to develop greater understanding of the historical development of global processes and contacts, in interaction with different types of human societies.  It is a part of a cooperative endeavor by high schools, colleges, and the College Board that provides highly motivated students the challenge and opportunity to earn college credit during their high school years.


    A recent national study of the impact of the Advanced Placement program on college performance reports are the following: Students who have taken an AP course are;

    Better prepared academically for college


    More likely to specialize in majors with tougher grading standards

    More likely to complete their college coursework

    More likely to take subjects in their AP subject areas

    Likely to perform significantly better over four years of college coursework

    More likely to be superior in terms of leadership

    Twice as likely to do graduate level study


    Assessments in this course will parallel the tasks required for the AP test (May 2015).  There will be a variety of learning activities both in the classroom and outside of the classroom throughout the year.  The grades in the course will be determined by many activities yet the assessments will make up the majority of the grade.


                Tests = 40% (could also include essays or other projects)  5 points of extra credit are available for each test.

                Quiz = 30% ( one quiz per 6 weeks can be corrected if the original score is below 70)

                Daily/Homework = 30%


    Late Work Policy:  This course moves at a very rapid pace.  It is imperative that you keep up on your assignments.  Nothing is assigned that is frivolous or unimportant.  Every assignment is purposeful.


    Assignments turned in after their due date will be graded up to a 50% maximum.

    All late work can be turned in no later than the last Tuesday of the 6 weeks. No exceptions!