• Elementary GT LEAD Program Services Overview

    Critical Thinking
    Critical thinking is characterized by the careful analysis of arguments, use of objective criteria, and the evaluation of data. Skills used in this type of thinking include:
              Inductive thinking skills
              Deductive thinking skills
              Evaluative thinking skills
    Creative Thinking
    Creative thinking is the ability to produce new and original ideas. Skills included in this type of thinking are:
              Fluency (many ideas)
                Flexibility (looking at things in a new way)
              Originality (one-of-a-kind ideas)
              Elaboration (details)
              Analogical thinking
    Problem Solving
    Problem solving combines both critical and creative thinking skills and is usually a sequential process.

    Creative Thinking

    Critical Thinking

    Encountering gaps, paradoxes, opportunities or challenges then searching for meaningful new connections by generating many,  varied, unusual or original possibilities

    examining possibilities carefully, fairly and constructively; then focusing thoughts and actions

    Formal problem solving strategies include:
    Creative Problem Solving (CPS)
    deBono's Thinking Hats
    deBono's CoRT Thinking
    Thinking Maps
    Bloom's Higher Order Questioning
    Texas Future Problem Solving   


    Leadership development is important at all grade levels. When working on developing leadership skills students will learn that leaders effectively influence a group's interaction, that they contribute ideas for group consideration and that they help the group move towards the completion of a task.

    GT LEAD:

    • incorporates independent learning as well as group work
    • requires thinking self-directed learning
    • is challenging and rigorous
    • encourages self-directed learning
    • requires research - gathering information from multiple sources and/or synthesizing learning
    • develops communication skills
    • includes innovative products and performances
    • encourages creativity
    • involves students in evaluation and reflection about their work
    • complies with district scope and sequence
    • allows connections across time, disciplines and cultures
    The curriculum developed for GCISD's elementary GT classes meets the Performance Standards for Gifted Education set by Texas Education Association.
    • Students will demonstrate skills in self-directed learning and thinking, research and communication
    • Students will produce products and performances of professional quality
    • Each student will self-assess and peer assess


Last Modified on June 30, 2015