Sophomore Planning Calendar
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    Establish your own personal e-mail account if you do not have one already

    Register with the College Board at www.collegeboard.org

    Record/update your list of abilities, personal qualities and accomplishments for your resume

    • name of group or organization

    • a description of your activities

    • how many hours a week/month/year you are involved

    • dates when you were active in the organization

    • any offices you have held

    • any awards you have received


    Decide which entrance exam is best for you and focus on improving scores for it.  

     Worksheet available in the Go Center:

    • Comparing the ACT and SAT

    Consider options for assistance with the college entrance exams ACT/SAT

    Sign up for free PSAT Testing through GCISD – deadline is usually in September and testing is early October.  See counselors for more details.

    College Interests:

    If you have older siblings who will be taking college visits, consider joining them.  It’s never too early to visit colleges.  Please be advised however, that you do not have excused college visit days as a sophomore.

    Consider Pre-College Summer Programs in your fields of interests and/or at the University you wish to attend.  For more information about Pre-College Summer Programs, visit our page or speak to the University you wish to attend.  Go Center List of Pre-College Summer Programs: