• Frequently Asked Questions about 1:1/take home initiative 

    Which students will receive an iPad? 
    Every Glenhope Elementary student in grades K-5 will be issued an iPad. 
    Can my student take the iPad home? 
    Yes, once the Student Parent Device Use agreement policy is completed, the $35 Device Replacement Protection Plan fee is paid, and students have received training on the proper handling of the iPads. 
    What will you teach my child about Internet Safety?
    We will utilize appropriate grade level digital literacy curriculum provided by Common Sense Media

    Is there an Internet filter in place for the iPad?
    Internet access is filtered based on the wireless network the device is accessing. When the iPad is at school, it is connected to GCISD's wireless network which offers filtering in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act.  Internet access at home will only be filtered to the extent that your home network is filtered.  Once the device leaves school, it will not be connected to the district network and filters.

    Are there apps the district does not allow to be installed on the iPad? 
    Yes, the GCISD Technology Services Department maintains a list of Blacklisted Apps. If any of the offending apps are installed on the iPad, the device will lose access to the Safari app, the camera, and the App Store.
    Can the parents set it up so the password is not known by the child?
    No, we will need to teach children the responsibility of learning their password and acceptable behaviors for using passwords such as iTunes.

    Are teachers reviewing the iPads daily to make sure the students are not loading apps at home and using up the storage space? We have set an expectation that iPads will be frequently monitored and that infractions will cause them to have their iPad taken up that day.

    If they are not password protected how is the school going to keep other students from using a peer’s iPad to download or search inappropriate material? Experience throughout the district indicates that when students are taught procedures, responsibilities and consequences for their iPads these types of behaviors are not an issue.  Also, iPads have moved from being a novelty with most students to a genuine tool, and most students respect that.

    How does the district alleviate storage issues on an iPad with 16gs of storage? Our agreement with Google includes unlimited storage for students on Google Drive. We are using Google Drive for our electronic portfolio, which will be rolling out in the near future.
    Can students use their own devices? At this point in time, district policy is that elementary students must use the school issued devices.
    Should parents put money in their students iTunes account? We would strongly discourage parents from putting money into a GCISD controlled iTunes account for a student. If an app is downloaded and paid for, it could still be removed by the school and then the parent would have spent money unnecessarily.

    How do teachers keep students from going back into Purchased to retrieve deleted Apps? We will teach students to be responsible digital citizens and create a set of school and classroom expectations that they are required to follow in order to keep their tool.  Failure to fulfill those expectations can result in consequences such as losing the iPad for a period of time.  That is not something students want to have happen.

    What if students leave their iPads at home or forget to charge them? 
    They suffer the natural consequence of not having their tool to work with during the day.  Experience at other campuses in the district shows that this does not happen frequently.  Students want their devices in order to do their work.

    Can we make their home iPads look just like their iPads at school? Similar apps can be loaded into a home iPad, but that will not exactly “mirror” the school device.  Students’ initial unpublished work is often stored on the device and not in the cloud.
    Who is handling backups? Will backups be on Apple iCloud? Students will save work to Google Drive, which is then stored in the cloud.  If students neglect to save to Google Drive, there is a possibility of the work being lost.  This is an important lesson for students to learn, because saving data is something we all have to learn to do on a regular basis.

    Will parents be responsible for managing iOS updates? No, we will tell students when we are ready for them to do updates.  The district typically discourages us from updating until some of the “bugs” have been worked out.

    Why is the educational value of an iPad? http://www.gcisd-k12.org/Page/25311 is a link to our district’s belief statements regarding technology in the classroom.

    Does our 1-to-1 initiative at Glenhope help our students transition in middle school? Parents report that previous Gators had a bit of a struggle adjusting to the amount of technology they were expected to utilize.  We believe providing devices for our students that are seen as tools will prepare them not only for middle school but for life.

    How will a person that finds an iPad know who it belongs to? Each iPad will have a number and a barcode and will be assigned to a student. We will also set an expectation that the student’s picture will be on the Home Screen and the Lock Screen. This will help us identify the iPad if it is misplaced.

    Will the supply list have things on it that go to waste?
    Will they appear the same as previous years? We have asked teachers to look at supplies that can be eliminated from the supply list, but it may take a full year of implementation before we can significantly reduce the requested supplies.  Please do keep in mind that we will still be writing and reading “real” books- we won’t be going paperless!

    What do you do for the kids that can’t afford the $35 fee?
    We are able to work with families to spread out the fee over a period of time so that everyone is contributing but in a way that is manageable for them.

    Are parents permitted to purchase an additional charger for home so that the students don't have to take a charger back and forth or would you rather they learn to keep up with iPad functional essentials?
     We believe that getting into the habit of making sure you have all the tools you’ll need for work everyday is a great life skill, and it would be far better for students to get into that habit early.

    Will the students do more work via the iPads now that they'll be coming home or about the same?  We ask teachers to use devices when it is appropriate.  We never want teachers to feel that they “have” to use the iPads if it doesn’t enhance the learning experience.  It’s hard to predict what percentage of the time students would be using the iPads because that may vary with grade level, unit of study, or current content.

    Will the device come with a case or do I have to purchase one?
    The iPads will be placed in OtterBox cases.

    Which version of the iPad will the kids receive? All iPads will be version 2 or higher.

    How does the school or district plan to handle obsolescence?
    We have a technology plan that requires the review and replacement of technology. However, the replacement of any technology will always depend on available funds.

    What happens if the iPad is lost, stolen or broken? The first time the device is lost or stolen the student is given a replacement device. If the device is broken the student is given a replacement device while theirs is being repaired. The second time an additional fee of $49 will be charged for repairs. Additional information can be found in the Student-Parent Device Use Agreement Policy