• Students will be given differentiated word sorts and will be assessed by the teacher once every two weeks. The students' spelling schedule is as follows:

    Week 1:
    • On Mondays, students will create personal spelling cards using differentiated words provided by the teacher. Teachers will demonstrate how students sort their words based on the "rule". Students will also be given 3 differentiated sight words to practice sorting for the remainder of the week. 
    Week 2:
    • Students will choose from several different strategies to practice their sight words and spelling words throughout week two. On Friday, students will be assessed using sentence dictation. 

    Students will take a picture of their words in order to practice them at home. Below are a few examples of engaging activities to help your child practice at home!
    * Writing words with Playdough
    * Painting words
    *Spelling City App
    *Magnetic ABC App
    * Writing Wizard App
    * Using Dot paint pens to spell the words
    * Write letters on legos and allow child to build their words
    * Write a funny story using spelling AND sight words.