Teacher Info 
    Patrick R. Lollis
    214-600-9052 (cell/text)


    Emergency Info
    Main Office x5680 or 817-251-5680
    You are in room E-12 (Music)
    Emergency bag and instructions are on hooks next to the door.
    Specials Team
    Deborah Mattox (Art, Room D-3) x3410
    Kensley Sutherlin (PE, Gym) x3453
    7:35-8:20       Conference (M/Tu/W/Th) or Assembly (F)
    8:20-9:10       4th Grade
    9:10-10:00     5th Grade
    10:00-10:50   3rd Grade
    10:55-11:45   2nd Grade
    11:45-12:25   Lunch
    12:25-1:15     Kindergarten
    1:20-2:10       1st Grade
    2:10-2:55       PLC (Tu/W/Th) or Conference (M/F) 
    2:55-3:15       Bus Duty 
    Technology Setup
    • Connect the Black USB and power to the left side of the laptop.
    • Connect the grey USB and the video adaptor to the right side of the laptop.
    • Power on the Mixer: Peavey PV-10  (power switch is on the back of the unit on the right side)
    • Power on the Amp: Peavey PV-900 (power switch is on the front right)
    • Power on the Projector: remote is near the phone
    • If you don't see the computer on the projector screen after the warm up completes:
      • Check the connection between the blue cable and the white adaptor
      • Unplug the white adaptor, count to 5, and plug it back in
    • If you don't hear sound through the sound system:
      • Click the apple in the top left hand corner of the screen.
      • Select System Preferences > Sound > Output > USB Audio Codec.
    • Open ClassDojo in a new tab. (Text if you need to log in...you shouldn't) 
    Starting Class 
    • When the children come in, they will put their technology on the front cabinets by riser color and row, and sit in their assigned seats.
    • Click on the appropriate class in ClassDojo, and click "Attendance" at the bottom.
    • Click any students who are absent and save. 
    • Please feel free to give the children green and red points using ClassDojo today. 3-5 green points is great, and I've found that giving at least one student a green point early in the class period (the whole clas if you have a good reason to) sets a great tone.
      • To give a point, click "Whole Class" or the appropriate student.
      • For green points, just click the descriptor that applies.
      • For red points click "Needs Work" at the top, and choose an appropriate descriptor. 
    • Click through the lessons below and enjoy your day with the kids!
    Thanks so much for taking my place with the children today.
    You are very important, and I appreciate the extra effort it takes to work in the music room. -Patrick 

    All Classes

    1. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? 
      1. Show this video. or read Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? aloud to the children.
      2. Write names next to each character on the board. Students can work alone or in pairs.
      3. Have students choose an instrument to match their sound.
      4. Practice each sound, with time for a short discussion after each. "Does this sound match the sound Mr. Brown is making?"
      5. Show the video again with the instrument sound effects.
      6. If possible, please take some pictures and/or videos of the kids with their instruments. You can text them to me at 214.600.9052 or email them to patrick.lollis@gcisd.net.
      7. Here is the list of characters/sounds:
        1. Cow “moo”
        2. Bee “buzz”
        3. Cork “pop”
        4. Horse Feet “clop”
        5. Squeaky Shoe “eek”
        6. Rooster “Cock-a-doodle-doo”
        7. Owl “hoo”
        8. Rain “Dibble Dibble Dop dop”
        9. Train “choo choo”
        10. Butterfly “whisper”
        11. Horn “blurb”
        12. Cat “slurp”
        13. Clock “tick-tock”
        14. Hand “knock”
        15. Egg “Sizzle”
        16. Hippo Chewing Gum “grum grum”
        17. Goldfish Kiss “pip”
        18. Thunder “boom”
        19. Lightening “splat"
    2. With time remaining, students may choose between:
      1. Reading one of the Feierabend folk song books from my library (near the door, red tubs).
      2. Working on Google Quizzes on their iPads - go to red spots around the room.
        1. Kinder and 1st grade may need some significant support. Older kids should be pretty independent.
        2. Here is a graphic of the sign in steps.
        3. Here is a video and slideshow with more detailed instructions. Taking A Google Quiz 
      3. If you have a favorite game you'd rather play with the kids, that's fine, depending on how much time is left. :-)


    2:10-2:50   Kindergarten Yellow Cubs
    Same as above

    Be sure to stop a little before 2:50 and take the kids out into the hall to line up for dismissal. Ms. Mattox (art) will show you where everyone lines up. :-)