• Parents
    Please remember to send in both our yellow life skills folder and white grade level folder every day and check them both every night. Remember initial the calendar in the yellow folder so I know you've seen it.
    Make sure to READ READ READ to your child and document it whenever possible on our reading log so they can earn their monthly treat.
     If your kiddo will be absent/late, you are welcome to text me (between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. please!). But please also call Bransford office or email Denise Harrod at denise.harrod@gcisd.net as our children are often not in gen ed classroom before attendance is taken.
    If your  child rides the bus, it's very important to also call transportation to let them know of any changes for the day, a.m. or p.m.
    Whenever possible, we expect of our kids what is expected of all Bransford children. Please see the Bransford Expectations Rubric. We are always looking for opportunities to learn and practice these skills.