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Dr. David Arencibia


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The GCISD Reads initiative is designed to build a love of reading in students - encouraging them to read a large quantity and a wide variety of books. Reading a book has always been difficult for one simple reason… I am dyslexic. Although many see dyslexia as a deficiency, I choose to see it as a blessing. Being dyslexic has given me an opportunity to process information in ways that the common individual doesn’t. I have discovered in my journey that some of the most influential people that we know of share the blessing of dyslexia, including former Presidents of the United States, CEO’s, actors, authors, inventors etc. (See 10 examples in the list below). Since it is extremely difficult for me to read a book because of the amount of time that it takes me to get through a book, I have used Audio-books and the Learning Ally program in addition to my regular book reading. Below is a list of the books that I have read and listened to in addition to the ones that I am currently reading.         

10 Famous People with Dyslexia

Albert Einstein, George H.W. Bush, John F. Kennedy, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Nolan Ryan, John Grisham, Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg, and Benjamin Franklin. 

2017-2018 (GCISD Reads)                       

              How Succeful People Grow       
              by John C. Maxwell                
              How Succeful People Win       
              by John C. Maxwell         
              Student Voice                      
              by Russell J. Quaglia & Michael J. Corso   
              The Positive Dog                      
              by Jon Gordon 

2016-2017 (GCISD Reads)

              Strengths Finder 2.0            Leadership, 
              by Tom Rath                           Promises for your workweek 
                                                              by John C. Maxwell
              5 Levels of Leadership        Rethinking Grading 
              by John C. Maxwell                by Cathy Vatterott
              A Message to Garcia            Killing Reagan 
              by Elbert Hubbard                  by Bill O'Reilly   
             The Energy Bus                      End of Average
             by Jon Gordon                          by Todd Rose
              Results Coaching                  Quiet: The Power of Introverts  
              by Key, Anderson (et. all)        In A World that Can't Stop Talking
                                                                by Susan Cain
              Media Moms & Digital Dads Grading from the Inside Out
              by Yalda Uhls                         by Tom Schimmer
              Move Your Bus                       The Positive Dog
              by Ron Clark                            by Jon Gordon 
              Go put your strengths to work
              by Marcus Buckingham

2015-2016 (25 Book Challenge)

              The Carpenter                       21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership   
              by Jon Gordon                        by John C. Maxwell       
              Who Moved My Cheese       The Reagan Diaries 
              by Spencer Johnson               by Ronald Reagan,
                                                                  edited by Douglas Brinkley
              Mindset: The New                 Balanced Leadership
              Psychology of Success       by Bryan Goodwin &                         
              by Carol Dweck                       Greg Cameron 
             The Energy Bus                     Tread Lightly, Lead Boldy
             by Jon Gordon                         by Diane Ketelle       
              41                                              Training Camp  
              by George W. Bush                 by Jon Gordon   
              The No Complaining Rule    The Odyssey    
              by Jon Gordon                         by Homer
              Proof of Heaven                    The Power of Habit
              by Eben Alexander                  by Charles Duhigg
              In-Flight French                      Soup
              by Pub.: Living Language      by Jon Gordon      
              A Framework For                  Making Content Comprehensible
              Understanding Poverty        for English Learners ~ SIOP Model
              by Ruby K. Payne                   by Deborah J. Short             
              Green Light Classrooms     Coligial Coaching: Inquiry 
              by Rich Allen                           into the Teaching Self
                                                                 by Marylou Dantonio 
              My Life                                   Getting to Yes                            
              by Bill Clinton                        by Roger Fisher & William Ury           
              Strengths Finder 2.0           Killing Lincoln   
              by Tom Rath                            by Bill O'Reilly
              Good to Great:
              The Social Sector                                              
              by Jim Colins              
With my children:
Winter According to Humphrey
The Jesus Storybook Bible, Every Story Whispers His Name 
The Children's Bible
Ms. Klute is a Hoot
Arthur Plays the Blues
Arthur and the Comet Crisis 

2014-2015 (25 Book Challenge)

             The Energy Bus                     Quiet Strength 
             by Jon Gordon                         by Tony Dungy      
              5 Levels of Leadership        The 360 Leader
              by John C. Maxwell                by John C. Maxwell
              NetEASY Marketing             17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork
              by Wes Melcher                      by John C. Maxwell
              Drive                                       Leaders Eat Last
              by Daniel Pink                         by Simon Sinek
              His Needs Her Needs           The Alchemist
              by Willard Harley                  by Paulo Coelho
              Winnning with People          Decision Points  
              by John C. Maxwell                by George W. Bush
             The 7 Habits of Highly         Team of Rivals: The Political 
             Effective People                    Genius of Abraham Lincoln  
             by Stephen R. Covey              by Doris K. Goodwin         
              Leadership 101                    Lincoln on Leadership
              by John C. Maxwell                by Donald T. Phillips
              Have a Little Faith              The Carpenter
              by Mitch Albom                     by Jon Gordon   
              David & Goliath:                 My Life   
              Underdogs, Misfits,            by Bill Clinton   
              & the Art of Battling Giants
              by Malcolm Gladwell
With my children:
The Jesus Storybook Bible, Every Story Whispers His Name 
Clifford Series
The Children's Bible
Green Eggs and Ham
Little Critter Series
Berenstain Bears Series
The Night Before Christmas
Who is George Lucas
Who is Babe Ruth
Hamster Princess, Harriet the Invincible