• Kindergarten Goals for Music

    I can hear the difference between calling, speaking, whispering, singing, and inner voice.

    I can hear the difference between the singing voices of children and adults.

    I can hear the difference between percussion, wind, string, and electronic instruments.

    I can tell whether two sounds are the same or different and perform beat/rhythm, higher/lower, louder/softer and faster/slower.

    I can tell the difference between a song’s beat and its rhythm using pictures.

    I can match the melody of a song I hear to a picture of its melody.

    I can sing or play classroom instruments independently or in groups.

    I can sing songs or play classroom instruments from diverse cultures and styles independently or in groups.

    I can move alone or with others to a varied repertoire of music using gross and fine locomotor and non-locomotor movement.

    I can accompany a song by playing heartbeat on an instrument or with body percussion.

    I can sing songs and play musical games, including rhymes, folk music and seasonal music.

    I can hear whether music has a steady heartbeat or not.

    I can compare same/different in beat/rhythm, higher/lower, louder/softer, faster/slower, and simple patterns in musical performances.

    I can relate music to other school disciplines.

    I can remain still, quiet, and attentive during a short performance, then applaud.