• First Grade Goals for Music

    I can hear the difference between calling,  speaking , whispering, singing, and inner voice.

    I can hear the difference between the singing voices of children and adults.

    I can identify percussion, wind, string, and electronic instruments families by sight and sound.

    I can describe a tempo change using the words allegro and largo.

    I can describe a dynamic change using the words forte and piano.

    I can use letters to label musical phrases as same or different.

    I can read and write a four beat pattern, including quarter notes, eighth notes and quarter rest.

    I can read and write Do, Re and Mi patterns.

    I can tunefully sing and play classroom instruments including rhythmic and melodic patterns independently or in groups.

    I can sing songs or play classroom instruments from diverse cultures and styles independently or in groups.

    I can move alone or with others to a varied repertoire of music using gross and fine locomotor and non-locomotor movement.

    I can play the rhythm of a song while others play the heartbeat.

    I can play simple bordun while other students play alternating bordun and vice versa.

    I can sing or play a song that uses allegro, largo, forte and piano.

    I can improvise, create and chant 4-beat rhythmic patterns in 4/4 meter.

    I can improvise, create and notate Do, Re and Mi patterns and melodies.

    I can use my voice and an instrument to improvise and perform a melody to a sentence.

    I can accompany a song using simple and alternating bordun.

    I can sing songs and play musical games including rhymes, patriotic events, folk music and seasonal music.

    I can identify steady beat in short musical excerpts from various period of time in history and diverse cultures.

    I can translate a 4-beat pattern which includes a quarter rest and a Do, Re, Mi pattern.

    I can tell the difference between steady beat and a rhythm pattern.

    I can respond verbally or through movement to short musical examples.

    I can relate music to other school disciplines.

    I can demonstrate appropriate audience behavior.