• Second Grade Goals for Music

    I can hear the difference between unison singing and ensemble singing.

    I can identify visually and aurally the bowed strings, plucked strings, woodwinds, brass, and pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.

    I can hear, describe and define the tempo of music using the words presto, allegro, moderato, andante, and largo.

    I can hear, describe and define the dynamics of music using the words fortissimo, forte, piano and pianissimo.

    I can use letters to label repeating and contrasting phrases as AABA or ABAC form.

    I can define rhythm notation terms and symbols: measure, measure line, double bar, and time signature.

    I can read and write 4-beat half note/rest patterns.

    I can write rhythmic and melodic patterns in 4/4 meter.

    I can read and write Do, Re, Mi and So patterns.

    I can read and write pentatonic patterns that I hear.

    I can define pitch notation terms and symbols: staff, note head, line and space.

    I can sing tunefully and play classroom instruments including rhythmic and melodic patterns independently or in groups.

    I can sing songs or play classroom instruments from diverse cultures and styles independently or in groups.

    I can move alone or with others to a varied repertoire of music using gross and fine locomotor and non-locomotor movement.

    I can perform simple part work including rhythmic ostinato and vocal exploration such as singing speaking and chanting.

    I can accompany a song by playing a rhythmic ostinato on an instrument or with body percussion.

    I can sing or play using tempo, including presto, moderato, and andante, and dynamics, including fortissimo and pianissimo.

    I can recognize, improvise, notate and create 4-beat rhythmic patterns which include half notes and half rests.

    I can recognize, create and improvise Do, Re, Mi and So patterns.

    I can use my voice and an instrument to improvise and perform a melody.

    I can accompany a song using crossover bordun.

    I can sing songs and play musical games including patriotic, folk and seasonal music.

    I can examine short musical excerpts from various periods or times in history and diverse and local cultures.

    I can respond verbally and through movement to short musical examples.

    I can relate music to other school disciplines.

    I can demonstrate appropriate audience behavior during a live or recorded performance.