•      District Guidelines for Electronic Bidding

    Texas Education Code 44.0313 requires the Board of Trustees for Texas school districts to adopt rules for electronic bidding if a District elects to conduct purchasing processes electronically.  Below is the statue:

          Sec. 44.0313. PROCEDURES FOR ELECTRONIC BIDS OR PROPOSALS. (a) A school district may receive bids or proposals under this chapter through       electronic transmission if the board of trustees of the school district adopts rules to ensure the identification, security, and       confidentiality of electronic bids or proposals and to ensure that the electronic bids or proposals remain effectively unopened until the       proper time.

          (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, an electronic bid or proposal is not required to be sealed. A provision of this chapter that applies to a sealed bid or proposal applies to a bid or proposal received through electronic transmission in accordance with the rules adopted under Subsection (a).

          Added by Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 1266 (H.B. 987), Sec. 2, eff. June 19, 2009.

     The Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District Board of Trustees voted to adopt rules for electronic bidding, which may be viewed from the following link:
Last Modified on November 30, 2017