• 2016-2017 Syllabus 


    Unit 1: Building Communities, workshop procedures, fluency, prediction, making connections, subject/predicate, complete sentences

    Unit 2: Where in the World is Our Community, main idea, nonfiction text features, expository writing, ABC order, dictionary skills, map skills

    Unit 3: What is the Impact of the Geography of Our Community, inferring, context clues, synonyms/antonyms, point of view, characteristics of the community

    Unit 4: Heroism: Veteran’s Day, research, biography/autobiography, character traits, expository and letter writing

    Unit 5: Celebrations: Thanksgiving Day, research, compare/contrast, theme, narrative writing, commas in a series

    Unit 6: Local Government, fiction reading, narrative writing, writing process, needs of a community

    Unit 7: Power of the People, research, prefixes/suffixes, poetry, drama, historical figures

    Unit 8: Economics, summarize, analyze/infer/draw conclusions about persuasive texts, follow/explain a set of multi-step directions, persuasive writing, understanding of business systems

    Unit 9: Progress and Impact, media literacy, fictional writing

    Unit 10: Celebrate Freedom Week, reflection on reading and writing development, narrative writing