• School Wide Rules:
    1. Respect all adults
    2. Follow directions the first time given and stay on task 
    3. Respect feelings, space, and property of others
    4. Speak when permitted
    5. Be orderly and silent in halls and bathrooms
    6. Obey all playground rules
    School Wide Consequences:
    1st Offense- Verbal Warning 
    2nd Offense- Loss of recess
    3rd Offense- Completion of behavior report form (to be signed by parent) and parent phone call
    4th Offense- Sent to Principal or Assistant Principal for disciplinary action
    *Offenses 2-4 will be recorded on the behavior chart which will be sent home every Friday in their Friday Folder.  
    Students will have a take home folder that is brought home every day with their homework and any notes received. Students will also bring home their daily planner where they've recorded their homework assignments. Students will also have a Friday Folder where any notes home or school work they've completed will be sent home in. Please empty out the Friday Folder over the weekend and return on Monday.