• Class rules/expectations for Mr. Duncan’s class.

    1.      Follow directions the first time they are given.

    2.     Raise hand, wait for permission to speak.

    3.     Stay in seat unless given permission.

    4.     Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

    5.     Treat others with respect.


    Consequences for all behaviors are tracked using CLASS DOJO.  If there are any issues with your student’s behavior, you will be contacted very quickly.  Parents will also be notified on a tracking document in the Monday Folders.  The following will be common consequences for infractions:

    1 mark = 5 recess minutes missed 

    2 Checks = 10 minutes + silent lunch

    3 Checks = 15 minutes + silent lunch + call home

    4 or more Checks = parent phone call, visit with administrator.

    Also in fourth grade, we utilize a “checkbook/debit card” system that coordinates with our math curriculum and also encourages positive behavior.  Students are given an opening balance of money (imaginary!) each new 9 weeks to utilize in their own checkbook.  Each day, students will enter both debits and credits to help them learn the basics of financial literacy.  They will have the opportunity to earn money for completing classroom jobs, following directions, etc. and to spend money on certain behaviors such as littering, not having pencils, forgetting homework.  At the end of each 9 weeks, we will have a celebration ceremony where students can spend any remaining money in their checkbooks on donated and sometimes silly gifts or passes to use in the classroom.   This checkbook system in no way effects grading but is simply a motivating factor for students to maintain their focus on working and learning in class!


    Grading Policy for Fourth Grade

    1. Students will be given one chance to redo assignments below a 70% (not applicable to TESTS).  If corrected, the highest grade given will be a 70% regardless of the corrected score.  Students will be given one week from the date the graded paper is returned (due date will be stamped on the paper) to correct the assignment and return it to their teacher.  

    1. Correcting or retaking tests is not permitted.  

    1. Homework is not taken for a grade, but students are expected to complete assigned homework in order to be prepared for class.  

    1. Students who turn in assignments past the due date will have 10 points deducted from their score each day.  Students will attend Study Hall and be given one day to turn in the missing assignment or use an Elephant Pass to turn in the assignment one day late without a grading penalty.  After three weeks the grade becomes a zero and will not be raised.

    1. Teachers will make a concerted effort to get any missing assignments from students.  In other words, the teacher will keep the student in from recess until missing assignments are completed.   Parents will be contacted as deemed necessary.

    1. The teacher(s) will re-teach and provide needed intervention strategies during the scheduled Champ Time (personalized learning time).

    1. If a student is failing any subject, the parent(s) will be notified and the teacher will schedule a conference and tutoring (per GCISD policy).