• Reading Workshop 

    Students will learn a variety of reading skills and strategies using Reader's Workshop model. 

    Examples include:

     *        Reading a variety of genres
    *         Using Thinking Maps

    *        Reading for comprehension

    *        Vocabulary development

    *         Main Idea

    *        Reading with fluency

    *        Using context clues

    *        Inferring and Predicting

    Writing Workshop

     We are using a Writer's Workshop Model to help students grow as writers of various genres including personal narratives, persuasive, expository, and poetry. 

    Additional skills include:

    *        Punctuation at end of sentences

    *        Capitalization of proper nouns

    *        Capitalization at the beginning of sentences


     Strands covered throughout the year include:

    *        Problem solving strategies

    *        Identify value of a collection of coins up to one dollar

    *        Use standard measurement 

    *        Order/compare numbers

    *       Identify patterns in math

    *        Fluency of addition and subtraction facts to 20

    *        2 digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping

    *        Geometry and fractions

    *        Telling Time to the hour, half hour, and minute

    *        Place value to 1200

    *        Multiplication/Division


     Skills covered during the year include:

    *       Properties of Matter

    *       Life Science

    *          Patterns of Movement
    *       Rocks/Weather
    *       Magnets
    *       Natural/Man-made Resources

    Social Studies

    *        Community

    *        Citizenship/Leadership

    *        Map skills

    *        Nation/State/Local Celebrations

    *        Economics

    *        Historical Figures