• Second Grade Classroom Expectations


    In second grade, a report card will be posted at the end of each nine week grading period. Student growth in academics is reported through a Standards Based Report Card (SBRC).  A growth scale of 1,2,or 3 is reported. Parents are able to see how their child progresses towards mastery of the skills taught in second grade.

    Behavior Expectations


    0-4 marks: 1

    5-9 marks: 2

    10+ marks: 3

    Second Grade Rules

    1.     Respect everyone.

    2.    Follow directions the first time given.

    Second Grade Consequences:

    1st Offense- Verbal Warning

    2nd Offense- Loss of  10 minutes of recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    3rd Offense- Loss of all of recess (Time will be spent on the “Thinking Track”)

    4th Offense- Parent phone call