Reading & Language Arts

    *Reading (fiction, non fiction, poetry)

    *Context Clues/Reading Strategies/Author’s Purpose


    *Making Connections

    *Fluency (number of words per minute your child can read)

    *Retelling (beginning-middle-ending)



    *Story Mapping (characters, setting, problem, solution)



    *Rhyming Words/Word Families

    *Short Vowels

    *High Frequency Words


    *ABC Order


    *Writing Workshop

    *Writing Compositions

    *Grammar Skills (punctuation, capitalization, parts of speech)






    *Number Sense to 120

    *Place Value

    *Addition & Subtraction facts to 10

    *Problem Solving

    *Skip counting to 120 by 1’s, 2’s. 5’s & 10’s

    *Geometry & Fractions




    Scientific Process through Scientific Investigations

    *Weather & Seasons

    *Objects in the Sky


    *Matter & Energy


    *Natural Resources

    *Living/Non Living

    *Pets & Caregivers

    *Animal Characteristics & Life Cycles



    Social Studies

    *Citizenship in the Home, School, Community

    *Community and Community Leaders


    *Maps and Globes

    *Wants & Needs

    *Goods & Services

    *Holiday Celebrations – Customs & Traditions

    *Symbols of United States & Texas

    *Historical Figures

    *Jobs & Careers



    *Digital Citizenship

    *Performs basic software application & functions

    *Creates original products using a variety of resources

    *Uses digital tools to communicate & gain information

Last Modified on September 8, 2017