• Dear First Grade Parents,


    In order to guarantee your child and all students in my classroom the excellent learning environment they each deserve, I will utilize the following Discipline Plan this school year.


    My Philosophy:

    First and foremost, I believe all my students can behave appropriately at school. Activities are planned to allow for active participation. 

    Character Qualities & Expectations of a 1st Grader

    In 1st Grade we are continuing the journey to success by building on the

    7 “Respect Characteristics” listed below.  If your child is having difficulty with a character quality, the specific letter will be written in the daily box.


    R    Responsible - be on time with self, supplies, classwork and homework.

    E    Engaged - listen, follow directions and stay on task.

    S    Supportive – works cooperatively in groups.

    P    Perseverance – putting forth your best effort in all areas.

    E    Empathy – Shows kindness towards others.

    C    Courteous - Talks at appropriate times and shows respect to peers and adults

    T    Trustworthy – shows integrity through honesty and making positive choices in the classroom and our school.


    If a student chooses to not follow the R.E.S.P.E.C.T. expectations

    1- Warning – 2 reminders will be given to correct the behavior.

    2-  5 minutes of recess on Thinking Track

    3- 10 minutes of recess on Thinking Track

    4- Phone call to parents 


    AMAZING behavior is always rewarded.

    During the year the children will receive many positive comments about appropriate behavior. The true goal is for the children to feel good about their behavior and to choose to behave because of their internal motivation. I want you to know that I am always working in your child’s best interest! I want all my students to have a healthy, productive learning environment here at Bear Creek. I will thus be in close contact with you regarding your child’s social progress in my class.


Last Modified on September 8, 2017