• STEM 2016-2017 FAQs 
    My schedule doesn't look right. Who should I contact?
    Please contact one of our counselors.
    Last names  
    A-K Marilyn Johnson marilyn.johnson@gcisd.net
    L-Z Stefanie Chapman stefanie.chapman@gcisd.net
    There is no 7th period listed on the schedule. Where should my student go?
    7th period is called Corral or Personalized Learning Period (PLP). This is a time students can study, read, and meet with teachers when in need of extra assistance. For the first week of school students will go to their 6th-period teacher for this time.  
    My student didn't get a locker or locker combination, what should they do with supplies? 
     We are working towards getting lockers assigned for students. Students can bring supplies the first week of school
    We ask that students bring a charged device and binder to classes daily. If they do not have a locker they will be allowed to bring a back pack to class to have a place for their devices.
    What supplies do I need to get? Anything special for STEM?
    Please see the general supply lists by grade level. The only additions are:
    1. Earbuds (consider investing in multiple sets. You can get these very affordable at Dollar Store)
    2. Charger and Charged Device 
    There may be some additional supplies for non-stem or elective classes. 
    What goes in the binder?
    Dividers for each class, notebook paper, planner from registration, supply bag with at least two pencils, pens, sharpener, earbuds, and a highlighter.  We will go through this with students the first week of school. 
    Where can I see homework and assignments for my student? How do I contact the teacher?
    We will send home information the first week of school regarding accessing student assignments, contacting teachers, newsletters, etc.
    You can always email teachers at firstname.lastname@gcisd.net
     You can get general information about GMS through the GMS site
    For general information about the STEM program, see images of your students in action, and connect with other parents through our GMS STEM Academy facebook page
    I want to help with field trips, in the library, PTA, etc-- what do I do?
    WONDERFUL! We love our parents and need community support. Please be sure you have filled out the parent volunteer background form. This must be redone  every year. It sometimes takes time to process so please go to the link below as soon as possible.  
    If you are coming to school for any reason -- please be sure to check in with the front office.
    I would love to participate more at GMS, how can I help?
    Fantastic! We would love to have you as a part of our GMS Family. 
    STEM Booster Club --
    I am in a STEM-related field and would love to talk to students about engineering or just help with design challenges.
    Wonderful! - Contact Lilly Monson  lilly.monson@gcisd.net or Jamie Nutt jamie.nutt@gcisd.net
    Welcome to the Family!
    We're all Ponies here!