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  • Science   

    Unit 1: Lab Safety
    Unit 2: Energy Transfer of Organisms
    Unit 3: Structures and Functions
    Unit 4: Traits and Behaviors
    Unit 5: Plant and Animal Life Cycles
    Unit 6: Classifying Matter
    Unit 7: Mixtures including Solutions
    Unit 8: Properties of Soil
    Unit 9: Resources
    Unit 10: Changes to the Earths Surface
    Unit 11: Water Cycle
    Unit 12: Weather
    Unit 13: Patterns in the Natural World
    Unit 14: Forms of Energy
    Unit 15: Electricity, Conductors and Insulators
    Unit 16: Forces and Motions
    Unit 1
    Place Value (Whole Numbers and Decimals) 
    Unit 2
    Problem Solving Using Addition and Subtraction 
    Unit 3
    Problem Solving Using Multiplication and Division 
    Unit 4 
    Data Analysis
    Unit 5
    Unit 6
    Unit 7
    Unit 8
    Financial Literacy 
    Unit 9
    Multiplication and Division Extension 
    Unit 10 
    Fraction Extension