• Instructions for E Book Registration:


    Step 1:  Go To http://www.PearsonSchool.com/Access

    Step 2:  Enter SSNAST 

    Step 3:  Select the title of your textbook form the Covered Titles (click on Covered Titles) drop Down Menu.  Select Social Studies (click)  and then select

                Stearns, World Civilizations: The Global Experience 7e AP® Edition (For users of 5e–7e) (click)

    Step 4:  Follow the on-screen instructions to register your code and create a personal login and password.



    Course Number  kelley72483 


    You will have to go through a login process.  Our school zip code is 76034.


    When it asks if your teacher has provided a code, select "no"


    After you have registered and you are allowed into the e-book site, you will be receiving an email with your login instructions from Pearson.


    If you cannot get registered, I have set up a generic login that you can use until we can get an account established for you.


     Click on  http://portal.mypearson.com/course-home#/tab/active

    Username:  kelleychhs@gmail.com284