Self-Portraits, Picasso Style
  •                                                             Butterfly Flutterby participants 2016-2017

                                        2016-2017 Butterfly Flutterby particpants


    Grand Prize - Best of Show (Judges' Merit)

                                        2015-2016 Grand Prize Winning Entry  


    More information about the BUTTERFLY FLUTTERBY 2017-2018 contest will be coming soon.


    color palette

    Picasso once said: "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist."

    I believe in allowing every child to use his or her creativity to the fullest. Perhaps I can learn from my students as much as they can learn from me.

    Art will be infused into our Multicultural Language and Art Expressions class.  We will explore different media and learn techniques and crafts used in various cultures.

     I will share with students/forward you any information regarding district art contests as well as outside art contests approved by GCISD.