• Welcome to BPA 2016-2017 !
    If you:
    • want to become a leader
    • are interested in majoring in Business in college
    • want to learn new skills
    • want to join an organization with a friend
    • like the spirit of competition
    • want to travel to competitions

    then BPA is for you!

    Watch and listen for announcements regarding the first meeting of the year!
    Looking forward to a great year!

     Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Officers!
    Pooja Manyam - President
    Sanika Bhave - Vice President
    Hayden Juroska - Secretary
    Dominc Genna - Treasurer
    Sophia Gray - Historian
    Rebekah Bryan - Parliamentarian

    Here are some t-shirt designs submitted by students (Please let me know if you have a design idea and I can put it on this page.  Then we can vote on the design):
     BPA 1
    BPA 2  BPA 3

    Mrs. Hemsell
    Room 920
    817-251-5210 Ext. 3097