• This year, juniors had the opportunity to have a completely personalized Junior College Preparatory Meeting! After meeting with counselors in the classroom, your student has the opportunity to request a personal meeting with his/her counselor.  Preparation for these student-lead meetings will took place the following way:
    1. Counselors visit all junior English classes at the end of November.
    2. Students review their transcripts.
    3. Students fill out the junior survey.
    4. Independently, students may use their Google account to login and complete a Google form that will allow them to request an independent meeting.
    5. After completing the Google form, students and their parent(s) were sent an email at the end of the school day with a link to register for a meeting time with their counselor.
    6. Students receive a 1-on-1, personalized college planning meeting with their counselor.  This format allowed us to provide a customizable meeting rather than a one-size-fits-all informational meeting.
    Students/parents can utilize the following links as additional support:
     Counseling Office Go Center           
    Letters of Recommendation
    ACT/SAT Waivers 
    Early Decision Information
    College Interview Preparation 
    Help with College Applications 
    College Searches 
    College Rep Visits
    Assistance Signing Up for ACT/SAT 
    Scholarship Searches