• Dear Bear Creek Parents,

    In January 2016, all Bear Creek Elementary students will have the opportunity to begin taking home their iPad each day, including holidays and summers. Expanding student access to technology is a component  of LEAD 2021, the district strategic plan as outlined in strategy 6:  
    • We will integrate technology, including student mobile wireless computing devices, into every aspect of the student academic experience to accomplish the GCISD mission and strategic objectives.

    • GCISD will provide and allow for multiple avenues for students to choose learning opportunities, communicate globally and ensure every student can access digital learning 24/7.

     Your child will keep their assigned device from year to year.  Cannon Elementary School has been a 1:1 campus for two years and their students have taken the devices home, allowing for greater communication between home and school (you can see projects and other things that your student is working on), greater sense of responsibility for the device, and the opportunity for students to use the devices 24/7.  

     In order to prepare for this exciting new opportunity, we will have a parent meeting on December 1st from 6:00 to 7:00 pm in the Bear Creek Cafeteria. During this meeting, I will share parent and student responsibilities, discuss practical issues, and also answer questions that you may have about this opportunity. The session will allow an opportunity for you to learn about the logistics involved in this plan, to take care of paperwork and pay the annual device replacement protection plan fee of $35.

    For those who cannot attend the parent session, we will share information on the Bear Creek web site that will have the forms and information you need to better understand this program.  Go to the Bear Creek  web site->Departments & Programs->scroll down to find the 1:1 Initiative link.  Here you will find basic information about the program.

    One important piece of information that will be important for all parents to understand is related to the internet filter.  Internet access is filtered based on the wireless network the device is accessing. When the iPad is at school, it is connected to GCISD's wireless network which offers filtering in accordance with the Children's Internet Protection Act (https://goo.gl/6lSQbV).  Internet access at home will only be filtered to the extent that your home network is filtered.  Once the device leaves school, it will not be connected to the district network and filters.  It will be up to parents to monitor and ensure that students aren’t going to inappropriate sites at home.  GCISD uses Common Sense Media as our primary source for digital citizenship curriculum. I would encourage you to explore the parent resources on the site: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/

    We look forward to seeing you on December 1st!


    Brooke Moose, Principal