2017-2018 GCISD Acceleration Testing Dates

    Examinations for Acceleration--Kindergarten into First Grade

    (Exams to skip Kindergarten)
    Kinder Accel Dates

    REQUIREMENTS:  Generally children are best placed at a grade level with students of their own age. However, some students of Kindergarten age may already have mastered the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Kindergarten and, for this reason, are ready to go on to first grade. Students who show mastery on Kindergarten Reading, Writing and Mathematics acceleration exams and show developmental readiness may be considered for acceleration to first grade.

    When recommending acceleration, consideration is given to students who can clearly function at an above average level academically and meet the social, emotional and behavioral demands of first grade as well.  Please carefully review the "Is My Child Ready for First Grade in GCISD?" to determine if your child meets all of the criteria for entering first grade prior to submitting a request for your child to skip Kindergarten in GCISD.

    Requirements to be met for a student to be eligible to register                         

    1.   The student must be 5 years of age on or before September 1, 2018

    2.   The student must be registered for Kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year in a GCISD school.

    Information about Student Registration will be on the District’s website under “Find it Fast”.  Registration dates for Kindergarten Round-Up and for students new to GCISD for the 2018-2019 school year will be posted on the District's website.

    3.   “Is My Child Ready for First Grade in GCISD?” document reviewed.

    If these requirements are met, then a parent/guardian must submit the completed registration form, a copy of the student’s birth certificate, and a copy of the Summary Page from the online student registration to:

    Address pic  

    Registration forms will be posted April 16, 2018.  The deadline to submit all documents is July 10, 2018.
    No registrations will be accepted after the posted deadline.

    Procedures to recommend acceleration to first grade:

    When recommending acceleration, consideration is given to students who can clearly function at an above average level academically and meet the social, emotinoal and behvorial demands of first grade as well.  

    Students currently enrolled in the District to begin Kindergarten in the new school year will be eligible to accelerate to First Grade if the students meets all of the following requirements:  [See Policy EHDC]

    • The student scores in the eighth stanine on six of six reading readiness examinations selected the District; and
    • The student scores 90% or higher on a mathematics readiness examination selected by the District; and
    • The students cores 6.4 years of age or above on a developmental screeing examination selected by the District.

    Select the first link below to print the Parent Information Packet and complete the Registration Form to be submitted. Additional information is provided by selecting the other links below.

    Parent Information Packet with Registration Form and testing location will be posted April 16, 2018

     Additonal information about Kindergarten Acceleration

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