• New Hire Benefit Enrollment FAQs

    All new hire enrollment elections must be completed in the online enrollment system within the first 30 days of employment. Failure to complete elections during this time frame will result in forfeiture of coverage. 
    When are my benefits effective?
    • Benefits are effective the first day of the month after you start working, or become TRS eligible. Payroll can confirm that date for you if needed. (Example - start date of 11/17 would be a 12/1 start date for benefits)
    When may I enroll in my benefits?
    • If you are starting to work for the new school year (i.e. August, 2016), you will be able to enroll during the open enrollment time. For new hires during the year, you will be able to enroll within 7-10 days from your starting date. If you have not received information by the time you receive your first paycheck, please call the Payroll & Benefits office.
    How will I know how to enroll?
    • You will receive benefit information during your new hire orientation. At the orientation you will learn how to enroll and be given a brief overview of all of the benefit options. Human Resources will contact you to set up your new hire orientation.
    What is the deadline to enroll in benefits?
    • You have 30 days from your eligibility date to enroll in benefits.
    What happens if I don't enroll in benefits before the deadline?
    • You will only have the GCISD provided Basic Life coverage. If you want any of the other benefits available through the district, you must enroll before the deadline.
    Do I have to do anything if I don't want the District benefits?
    • YES, we ask that you complete the enrollment process so that we know you have reviewed the available benefits and also to name a beneficiary for the District provided Basic Life coverage. You will simply waive all options as you go through the process.
    May I make changes to my benefits during the year?
    • Generally, no. Once you make your elections they are in place for the remainder of the benefit year. However, if you experience a "life event" such as getting married, divorced, having a baby or your spouse changes jobs, then you may call the Payroll & Benefits office within 30 days of the event and make changes to your elections.
    Is there an annual enrollment period?
    • Yes, every summer we conduct an annual enrollment for all employees. This is your once a year opportunity to change your benefit elections without a "life event". Please be aware that all employees are required to enroll each year as your benefits DO NOT ROLL OVER from year to year.
    Where can I learn more about Grapevine-Colleyville ISD benefits?

Last Modified on June 14, 2016