• Music Class Rules
    Be Safe!
    Be Kind!
    Be a Participant! 
    Mrs. Marsh will be focusing on recognizing positive behavior and contributions to music class first and foremost this year! Below are some of the positive reward strips your child will be able to earn. 
    Super Singer
    Magnificent Mallets 
    Marvelous Manners
    Magical Mover
    Music Superstar 
    If a child chooses to not follow the rules in music class the following steps will be followed:  
    1. Verbal warning

    2. CR Chart mark and possible Restorative Chat (documented in Eduphoria)

    3. Call to parent and visit with teacher

    4. Visit with administrator

    5. Office referral (to be signed by parent)

    Students are graded on Participation and Behavior in music class.
    As long as your child participates in music class they should be able to earn a 3 or an E. If I notice a child is not participating, I will speak privately with them to find out why, and let them know that their grade is based on participation. If it happens again a parent contact will be made. On the third class of non participation, the student's grade will be lowered. 
    Conduct Grades
    Any student who reaches step 2 on the behavior consequences above will be given a conduct mark on Mrs. Marsh's seating chart. See below for the number of marks that will result in a conduct grade drop.
    Standards Grades (K-4)
    3= Meeting standards (0-4 marks)
    2= Approaching standards (5-10 marks)
    1= Below standards (11 or more marks)
    5th Grade Only 

    0-4 marks = E                 

    5-10 marks = S                     

    11-16 marks = N                     

    17+ marks= U