• Classroom Expectations 
    1. Respect Yourself
    - Do your personal best and participate.
    2. Respect Adults
    - Follow directions in the classrooms, hallways, cafeteria, and playground. 
    3. Respect Others
    - Use kind words. Allow others to learn. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    4. Respect Heritage Elementary
    - Take care of our building, furniture, classrooms, iPads, and equipment.
    During the 1st nine weeks of school, the students will receive a warning (W) in their green "Conduct and Responsibility" take home folder. Checks will be given for any offenses received after the first warning. After the 1st 9 weeks of the year, the students will no longer receive a written warning. A check will be given for poor behavior choices on the first offense. Checks will be given for responsibility (such as forgetting homework or supplies) beginning at the start of the 2nd nine weeks. Students without a check for the day will earn a sticker or stamp and these can be traded in for small prizes and privileges. Please sign this folder each week.  See below for our conduct and responsibility behavior scale.
    0-4 check marks: E (exceeds expectations)
    5-10 check marks:  S (meets expectations satisfactorily) 
    11-16 check marks: N (needs improvement/ approaching expectations) 
    17+ check marks: U (unsatisfactorily below expectations)
    ** I strongly believe children thrive from positive reinforcement. I will enthusiastically praise and affirm good work habits and positive attitudes.  Students have the opportunity throughout the day to earn tickets for good behavior. Students will be able to trade tickets in for fun rewards and the treasure box.