• The expectations that I have for the students in my classroom is that everyone (myself included) will be professional, punctual, prepared, polite, productive and positive in every action taken and word spoken.  Since this course is not a core subject, but rather an elective class that you have chosen to enter, I am hopeful that you are interested in learning every aspect of how to be successful in a long term career within the Criminal Justice system.  Law Enforcement requires each individual to be honorable, to act with integrity and to live each day obeying an ethical standard that cannot afford to be compromised or tarnished.  I will teach each student the fundamentals of ethics, it is solely your responsibility to implement those standards in your life.    

    I intend to discuss controversial criminal justice/social issues in a frank and forthright manner because I believe it is important to do so.  As professionals, each student must direct comments or responses to the class, as well as the instructor in a professional manner.  We must all respect the opinions of one another.  I would also request that if you are offended by the comments of a fellow class member or myself that you come to me during office hours to discuss the problem with me personally.  In many cases these instances can be used as valuable learning experiences and I will do my best to rectify any issues.