•  Expectations

    Class Dojo

    We will be using an online and interactive point tracker to award behaviors each day. Each student will receive 1-3 points daily and the points are awarded in a manner that mirrors our First Grade Standards Based Report Card. 

    3 Points = Behavior expectations were mastered for the day
    2 Points = Student needed periodic redirection to maintain appropriate classroom behavior
    1 Point = Student needed frequent redirection to maintain classroom behavior
    Each week your child will track their points and set personal goals for themselves for their behavior. Nothing will be sent home for your review on paper, instead you will have 24/7 access to your firstie's behavior through the Class Dojo parent portal. It will be YOUR responsibility to check this DAILY.
    Take-Home Folder

    Each day your child will bring home a folder. This folder will contain notes, homework, scholastic book orders and some completed work. Please check and empty this folder every day.

    On Fridays, your child’s folder will contain important information from CES and GCISD. Please empty this folder before returning it on Monday.


    A newsletter will be sent electronically before each new week begins. It will inform you about the skills we will be teaching the next week and any first grade information. Please subscribe to the CES Newsletter for school news as well.