• Business Education Expectations
    We strive to prepare our students for life after high school.  Certain standards of conduct must be maintained to be successful.  Many of these expectations are similar to the way employees should treat each other and their supervisors in business as well.  These standards include:
    • being on time
    • being prepared by having materials and supplies on hand
    • being respectful of other students and their property
    • being respectful of the computer equipment and your work area
    • completing assignments on time
    Consequences for not meeting these standards can include:
    • discussions with Mrs. Hemsell
    • meeting with Mrs. Hemsell and parent/guardian
    • reduced grade for late assignments or zeroes
    • office referral
     Grading policy is as follows (also included on course syllabus):
    • daily work - 60%
    • major assignments - 40%
    • make up and late work policies explained on each course page