Collegiate Academy weekly clubs meet the last period of the day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
    Creative License
    Sponsor: Mrs. Haney
    Email: Kristinia.Haney@gcsid.net
    Meets: Tuesdays
    Purpose: In this club, members explore their individual interests in small groups. Students will identify their interests and gather materials to work on their project from home. Students will then work on these projects they design for themselves and will present their creations and learning in a showcase each semester and on our club blog. In the past students explored juggling, piano, coding, random acts of kindness, and jewelry making. We will expand our opportunities. Imagine, inspire, transform!
    Destination Imagination 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Brown
    Email: Lynlie.Brown@gcsid.net
    Meets: Wednesdays
    Purpose: Destination Imagination is a competitive club at Collegiate Academy. This club has students work in collaborative teams to solve a central project that they will present at a tournament. Teams will practice instant challenges weekly, where students will combine acting, engineering, team work, and critical problem solving, to overcome a challenge.
    Beats Club 
    Sponsor: Mr. Hughes
    Email: Christopher.Hughes@gcisd.net
    Meets: Thursdays
    Purpose: Are you a fan of hip-hop, EDM, or other styles of electronic music? Have you ever wondered how producers construct their beats? In Beats Club, that is what we will spend our time doing. Students will learn how to sample sounds, chop them into new musical ideas, create drum programs and sequences, and even record your vocal ideas to make complete songs. We will discuss other techniques as well, such as audio engineering, mixing and mastering. 
    Soccer Club 
    Sponsor: Mrs. Aurbakken 
    Email: Kirsten.Aurbakken@gcisd.net
    Meets: Wednesdays
    Purpose: Students get to enjoy physical activity going a sport they love while competing with other early college high school campuses.
    Helping Hands Club
    Sponsor: Mrs. Dudley and Ms. Young
    Email: Janica.Dudley@gcisd.net and Robin.Young@gcisd.net
    Meets: Mondays
    Purpose: The Helping Hands Club is for students who enjoy helping out others. All year long, we do "good deeds" to help out those in our school, community, and beyond. Some of the projects included in the club's plans are: Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, Pen Pals with soldiers, supporting literacy development projects for students in Africa, making bows and blankets for children and babies in the hospital, and more. 
    Strategy Games Club 
    Sponsor: Mr. Schubert
    Email: Benjamin.Schubert@gcisd.net
    Meets: Tuesdays
    Purpose: We all have need to plan ahead and think about our next move in life. Strategy Games Club is an opportunity to practice strategic thinking while having fun and building relationships. Agree, disagree, and have fun!
    Alternate History Club 
    Sponsor: Mr. Cavanagh 
    Email: Riley.Cavanagh@gcisd.net
    Meets: Mondays
    Purpose: Alternate History Club looks at real world problems in alternate history scope. Students choose their groups and all of the qualities of their country and are given problems that they just solve. Their diplomacy or lack thereof determines the future problems that will face their group and in order to face some of their problems they must align themselves with other groups in the club.
    Creative Writing Club 
    Sponsor: Mr. Dye
    Email: Mark.Dye@gcisd.net
    Meets: Wednesdays
    PurposePens and pencils madly scribbling, the students in Creative Writing Club craft stories and poetry packed to the brim with sensory details and powerful metaphors, like engines churning out art instead of thrust. Primarily the club provides three opportunities for its members: improving their overall writing skills, getting them published, and creating a Collegiate Academy literary magazine. Mr. Dye will help students with whatever their needs are on a given story, and all assignments are self-determined. (You can write what you want!)
    Extra Curricular Student Clubs Any student can participate in these clubs.
    Basketball Club
    Sponsor: Mr. Cavanagh 
    Email: Riley.Cavanagh@gcisd.net
    Meets: After school - Fall Semester
    Purpose: Students get to enjoy physical activity going a sport they love while competing with other early college high school campuses.
    Students Standing Strong 
    Student Sponsor: Hayden Casey
    Meets: Wednesdays during lunch
    Purpose: This is a student-led campus club that empowers students to stand strong in their Christian faith. Activities include campus outreach using on-campus, school-wide club assemblies.