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    Support Incident or Service Request?
    In most instances what you need to submit will depend on if something isn't working or if you need something. Incidents are used when something needs to be fixed or you need help with an application or system service. A service request is used when you need something done or changed.
    Below is a list of the different categories and what can be found in them.
  • Incident Categories:

    ·         Audio-Visual

    • A/V Ports – A/V ports in wall are damaged or not working.
    •  Document Camera – Having issues with Document Camera or Justand.
    •  Projector – Having issues with Projector in room.
    • Sound System – Having issues with audio going over mounted speakers in room.

    ·         Hardware

    • Chromebook – Chromebook damaged or not working.
    • Computer – Apple – Apple computer damaged or not working.
    • Computer – Windows – Windows computer damaged or not working.
    • iPad – iPad damaged or not working.
    • Pin Pad - Nutrition Services Pin Pad damaged or not working.
    • Printer – Having issues with printer.
    • Scanner – Having issues with scanner.

    ·         Network Hardware

    • Network Connection Problem – Having issues with connection to Wi-Fi or network port. Look under Software and Network System for issues regarding logins and network drives.
    • Network Drop – Network port in wall is damaged or not working.

    ·         Nutrition Services

    • Inventory – Having issues with the Inventory application.
    • Menu Planning – Having issues with the Menu Planning application.
    • Nutrikids – Having issues with the Nutrikids POS application.

    ·         Phone System

    •  ATA Fax – Having issues with the Fax line.
    • Phone – CISCO phone is damaged or not working.

    ·         Security Systems and Time Clocks

    • Raptor – Having issues with Raptor hardware or application.
    • Security Cameras – Security Camera damaged or not working.
    • Time Clock – Time Clock damaged or not working.

    ·         Software and Network Systems

    • Account Login Issue – Having login issues for our network systems.
    • Digital Signage – Having issues with the Digital Signage on campus.
    • Email Issues - Having issues with any aspect of the email system.
    • Google Apps – Having issues with Google Apps such as Docs, Sheets, or Drive.
    • IPCelerate – Having issues with the IPCelerate application.
    • Network Drive Access – Having issues accessing your network drives.
    • Other – Having issues with and services or applications not listed her. Use Service Request to request additional software.
    • Safari Montage – Having issues with Safari Montage including morning announcements.
    • Skyward Employee Access – Having issues with, or accessing, Skyward Employee application.
    • Skyward Finance - Having issues with, or accessing, Skyward Finance application.
    • Skyward Gradebook - Having issues with, or accessing, Skyward Gradebook application.
    • Skyward Student – Having issues with, or accessing, Skyward Student application.
    • Transfinder – Having issues with Transfinder application.
  • Service Request Items:

       Technology Services

    • Email List Change – Used to request changes and additions to current Email Lists.

    Hardware Request

    • Additional Devices for New Student – Used to request a device for a newly enrolled student.
    • Classroom Chromebook Request – Used to request additional Chromebooks for digital classrooms to accommodate enrollment changes.
    • New Phone – Used to request a phone for a new employee or position. If you are having issues with your phone, please submit a new Support Incident.

    Network Request

    • Additional Network Ports – Used to request additional new network ports. There may be a cost associated with this request. If you are having issues with existing ports, please submit a new Support Incident.

    Software Request

    • Other Software Request – Used to request a program not listed here. May require the purchase of licensing. Please check the LANDesk Software Catalog on your computer (must be connected to District Network), many applications are already available to you.
    • iPad App – Used to request purchased iPad apps. May require the purchase of licensing.

    Tech Lab Reservation

    • Tech Lab Reservation – Used to request reservations for Technology training lab: Technology Portable.

    Web Filtering & Access

    • Block Website – Used to request a website be blocked.
    • Unblock Website – Used to request a website be unblocked.
    • YouTube Unblock – Used to request YouTube video or teacher channel be unblocked

       Operational Services

    • Access Control (C-Cure) Change - Used to request change in Access Control (C-Cure) badge access.
    •  ID Badge - Used to request a replacement ID Badge, or help with a non-functioning Badge.