• Class Expectations:
    1. Be kind
    2. Think
      • This class is not about memorization. It is about understanding. 
      • If you understand, you can use logic to answer a question. 
      • You are expected to develop and use problem solving skills in class.
    3. Do your own work
      • Every skill in this class builds on previous skills learned. 
      • If you do not do your own work, you will not understand the concepts and will fail this course.
    4. Ask questions and respect those who ask them.
      • No question asked sincerely is ever a dumb question.
      • It takes more courage to ask than to pretend to know.
    5. Program Collaboration
      • All programs must be done in the lab
      • Do Your Own Work
        • Copied programs will result in a grade of zero and referral for all parties involved
        • Don't share code!!!
        • Don't stare at someone else's monitor/printout
        • Don't give others a file or printout
        • Do not tell another student how to correct their program
      • You can
        • discuss solution &
        • show each other where to find information
        • Guide the other student to the answer by asking leading, open-ended questions.
    1. All phones must be turned off and placed either inside a closed backpack or in the provided individual bag on their desk.
    2. During Tests, phones must be placed in the closed provided bag.
    3. If a student is found with a phone in their possession during a test, it will be considered cheating and the academic integrity policy will be enforced. 
    Lab Rules:
    1. No food or flavored drinks
    2. You may bring water, but it must be in a container that closes and it must be kept on the floor. 
    3. Do not tamper with the hardware. If there is a hardware issue, please let me know and we will solve it together.
    4. Backpacks go UNDER your computer table