• attendance
     My name is Amy Edgell and I am your Attendance Clerk at CMS!
    My direct line number is 817-305- 4904 email address amy.edgell@gcisd.net .
    Click here to be redirected to my staff page! 
    Students WILL NOT be paged/called down to pick up items/messages during class. We have a Student
    Pick up shelf directly across from the Attendance window that parents may leave items for their student to
    pick up in between classes. Students are permitted to use their cell phones during passing periods and
    lunch. So you may text your student if you have left an item form them on the shelf if you wish.
    If a student is absent from school a parent should call attendance each day 817-305- 4904 to report the
    students’ name and reason for the absence (personal or illness) or you may email me at amy.edgell@gcisd.net . If the parent forgets to call you may send a note with your student the day they return to school. You may also have your physician fax a doctor’s excuse to 817-498- 9764.
    ***If the parent does not send a note or call the office your student will have an unexcused absence.
    If you think your student was marked in error, please call me or have your student come by the attendance office the next morning and we will begin the verification process. 
    Students arriving to school after the school day has begun MUST check in through attendance office before reporting to class to obtain an Admission slip.
     When checking in the students need the following (if a parent is not present):
    1. A note from a parent indication that the parent is aware that their student is checking in late, and reason personal or illness
    2. A documented note from the doctor’s office excusing the absence.
    Students MUST have a parent come in to the school to check them out. Please allow us plenty of time to locate your student as students in athletics or lunch may be particularly hard to locate. You may call ahead of time to let me know what time you will be here to pick up your student so that we can have them ready ahead of time.