• Homework


    Each week your Firstie will bring home a selection of 3-5 books of their choosing that are on their reading level. First grade is a time to build a love and reading, as well as fluency and comprehension. In order to support this growth at home, please ensure that your Firstie is reading at least ten minutes a night. ALL of the books they bring home will need to be brought back to the Feaster’s Firsties HQ the following week so that new books will be brought home. 


    Students will be given differentiated word sorts and will be assessed by the teacher once every two weeks. The students' spelling schedule is as follows:

    Week 1: The Firsties will be given differentiated word sorts and sight words. During this time, the Firsties will focus on sorting their words in different ways.
    Week 2: The Firsties will be using the same words but with choice in how they study them. The Firsties will have a choice board from which to choose from daily. Students will be assessed through dictation on Friday of Week 2. 

    Ideas for Spelling Practice:

    Spelling City
    Spelling out loud using funny voices (robot voice, animal voice, whisper voice, mouse voice, etc.)
    Rainbow Write the words (bubble letters, squiggle letters, etc.)
    Write words in shaving cream
    Word Cloud App
    Magnetic ABC App

    Math Fact Fluency practice is essential to mastering addition and subtraction. While fact fluency will be a part of daily math in the classroom, practice should continue nightly at home as well. Basic addition and subtraction facts, ranging from 0-20, are expected to be memorized by the end of first grade. A great way to practice at home is on your child's personal XtraMath account.    

    Ideas for Fact Fluency Practice:

    XtraMath (I will set up and send home login information)
    Sushi Monster App
    UNO Flip
    ABCya- website with many math fact practice games 

    I firmly believe that handwriting is a lost art! Snail mail is by far one of my favorite things. Please encourage your child to use upper & lower case letters where appropriate. Write stories, practice spelling, write a movie review, write letters, anything to practice at home! Please note: upper case letter are used only at the beginning of sentences and proper nouns. If a child uses upper case letters inappropriately, it is a very difficult to break this habit. Also have your child write their letters starting at the top of the letter.