• Absent/Make-up Work Policies
    We cover a large amount of material each class period and all class material builds on previous knowledge. So it is imperative that students attend class regularly and keep up with the material being presented.
    If is the student is absent from school for any reason including extracurricular events, field trips, etc., it is THE STUDENT's responsibility to ensure any missed work is completed and turned in on time.
    Tests and Quizzes
    Students must complete the missing test or quiz on or before the first day they return to class. The student may schedule time with me before/after school to take the test on that day in order to reduce the amount of material that would be missed during class while making-up the test/quiz.
    Basic Assignments
    If your absence is due to a school activity, the assignment is due at the start of class the DAY AFTER you return.
    If your absence is due to illness, etc., you will have one calendar day for every day of class missed to make up homework. The work must be turned in by the start of class.
    All assignments are posted in Google Classroom, so the student should check there first and attempt to complete any assignments prior to returning to class.
    If a student knows they are going to be absent, I strongly encourage them to speak with me before or after school to discuss the class assignments. All basic assignments are posted on Google Classroom.