• Syllabus

    8th Grade ELA

    Mrs. Kirby

    Room 319A

    Phone: 817-251-5660 Ext. 3359




    Grapevine Middle School Expectations:

    Be prompt             Be prepared

    Be responsible       Be respectful        


    Additional Supplies:  

    Spiral notebook, pencils, pens, high lighters,notebook paper,  challenge book, ear buds



    1.  45 minutes of Membean per week.

    2.  A minimum of 20 minutes of nightly reading from their GCISD challenge book. 

    3.  Other homework assigned as needed. 


    Absent Policy:

    1.  The student is responsible for collecting their make-up work.

    2.  As per school poicy, the student will have 2 class days per absence to complete the work. 

    3.  Follow your classroom procedures for obtaining and turning in absent work. 


    GMS Discipline Procedures:

    Students will be dealt with individually concerning school infractions. Some infractions, such as fighting, harassment, truancy, etc. will be given an immediate referral to the office. We enter infractions in Eduphoria using our 5 phase system. 


    Late Work Policy:

    10 points will be taken off for each day that an assignment is late, up to 50 points. 



    40% Tests and Major Projects

    30% Quizzes and Writing Responses

    20% Daily Work

    10% Vocabulary



    Our curriculum will consist of the Springboard book, reading and writing workshops, Membean, and the GCISD Book Challenge.