• Welcome back students and parents!

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 8/20/2017

    We are excited to begin a new school year!  Please join me on this page to find brief summaries of "goings on" in the classroom this year!  I hope that you will all sign up for my ClassDojo (info coming soon) so we can stay in touch on a daily basis.  Please feel free to email me at any time with any questions or concerns!

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  • Week of February 27th- March 3rd

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 2/27/2017
    This week will be another FULL week of instruction and fun for your students.  In math, we are continuing our work with PERIMETER and AREA.  We will be creating our "dream" homes later in the week.  In science, we are finishing up ELECTRICITY and will begin working with FORCES.  We will even conduct an experiment called "Sheep in a Jeep" later this week that your students should really enjoy.
    Other important events this week:
    Friday, 3/3- JDRF Walk during Specials
    Next week:
    Book Fair 3/6-3/10
    3/7- Spring Creek BBQ spirit night 5-9 pm
    Lastly, if you haven't signed up for CLASS DOJO yet, please do so.  This is a great tool to keep up with some of the activities and event of the classroom.
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  • Week of February 21st

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 2/21/2017


    Although this week is short, we have much going on at BCES.  In today's "take-home" folder, your students will bring home YEARBOOK order forms that are due next Monday, 2/28.  Also included is information about "Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes".
    Also this week, we have an NEU pep rally Friday morning and the Talent Show is Friday night at 7 pm.
    In math this week, we are continuing our work with all types of measurement (using a ruler, customary capacity, perimeter/area).  In science, we are discussing MAGNETISM.
    Thanks again for all you do as caring, participating parents!
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  • Week of January 30th, 2017

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 1/29/2017


    Your students have been working hard learning about fractions in math!  We are in the process of learning to read a ruler and measure objects with accuracy.  Encourage your student to explain what they are learning and to demonstrate their knowledge to you!

    Many students are getting low on some of their supplies such as pencils and colored pencils.  Also, as we are in the middle of cold/flu season, we have gone through almost all of our Kleenex.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated and used quickly!

    Some schedule updates you might want to know about:

    1.  4th grade benchmark tests will be given on Monday, 2/6 and Tuesday, 2/7.  These tests will cover math, reading, and writing and will simulate "real" state-required testing situations which will give your student valuable "experience".

    2.  Student-led parent conferences will be held on Thursday, 2/9 from 12:45-3:15.  We will offer 5 different time slots (30 minutes each) and will have 4 parents conferencing at one time.  You will receive a notice from "Sign-Up Genius" in the next few days.

    Thanks and let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


    Stuart Duncan

    4th grade/ BCES



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  • Week of November 7th-11th

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 11/7/2016
    Thanks so much for all of the volunteers this past Saturday at the Fall Festival!  It was a very successful day for our PTA and ultimately for our students.
    Next Wednesday, 11/16, is the day we travel to Austin.  We will be meeting with the students later this week to let them know what to pack, what not to pack, and other expectations of the trip.  We will send home more information with them at that time.  For your information, we will be loading the buses in the bus circle at 5:30 am on the day of the trip.  We will not be able to wait on any late arrivals since we are due in Austin by 9:30 am.  We plan to arrive back at the school around 8 pm that evening.  Our class shirts are shipping to us this week and we plan to hand those out to students next Monday with their take-home folders.
    In class this week, we are spending LOTS of time practicing multiplication.  Please continue to encourage your student to learn their facts as soon as possible!  We plan to have a review quiz on Friday that will cover 2x2 digit multiplication and world problems.
    In science this week, we are discussing CONSERVING RESOURCES.  Your students will be working on a comprehensive PROBE that will be due on Friday, 11/11.
    Lastly, a big THANKS to all the parents and guardians that came by last week for STUDENT-LED CONFERENCES.  Your involvement in your student's education is greatly appreciated!
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  • Week of October 31st

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 10/30/2016


    We've had a busy few days lately and hope to get back to a somewhat regular schedule this week.  Although Monday is Halloween, we will have a full day of learning in math and science.  Due to last Friday's special events, we had to postpone the basic multiplication quiz until Monday.  We will be testing our students on traditional algorithm 2 x 2 multiplication as well as lattice and block methods.  Students have been practicing quite a bit in class and hopefully will be ready to show off their skills tomorrow.  Several of our students are still struggling to master some of the multiplication facts taught in 3rd grade.  I have encouraged them to practice as much as possible at home using "free" iPad apps or simple homemade flash cards.  The sooner they master these basic facts, the sooner they'll get the hang of our new concepts we are presenting to them.

    In science, we are continuing with our focus on weathering, erosion, and deposition.  Your students are completing a nice iMovie demonstration of these concepts that they'll present on Tuesday of this week.  We'll then review the concepts and plan a quiz for Wednesday of this week.

    Field trip update:  We are finalizing our plans for the 11/16 Austin field trip and are looking forward to taking your students to our state's capitol.  We sent home a tentative itenerary last Thursday.  We greatly appreciate all of you who volunteered to chaperone the trip.  We wish we had room to take all of you but we are greatly limited on bus space.  As you may have noticed, we plan to leave BCE by 5:30 am on the 16th and return by 8:00 pm that evening.  It will be a full day!  We will be sending several notes home in the next 2 weeks related to this trip so keep a check on your student's "take home" folders.

    Early Dismissal--Student-led Parent Conferences:

    Thursday, November 3rd School releases at 11:45 a.m.  If you already signed up for a scheduled appointment, please come to Mr. Duncan's classroom at the designated time.  There will be several students leading conferences at the same time.  We look forward to seeing you Thursday.  If you were not able to sign up for Thursday, please feel free to contact me and schedule a time that better fits your schedule!

    Fall Festival:

    Saturday, November 5th 2:00-5:00 p.m.  We still need a few volunteers to help work our class activity.  Here is a link to the sign-up list:


    Thanks for all of your support of your child's education!

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  • Week of October 24th

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 10/24/2016

    This week in Mr. Duncan's class we will be studying more multiplication strategies and practicing ALOT!  In science, we will continue discussing changes to the Earth's surface and focus on weathering, erosion, and deposition.

    Events this week:


    Red Ribbon Week

    Monday- Team Up Against Drugs- wear your favorite team shirt

    Tuesday- United Against Bullying and Drugs- wear red, white, and blue

    Wednesday- Say Boo to Drugs- Wear Halloween shirts

    Thursday- Don't Let Drugs Mix You Up- Wear mismatched clothes

    Friday- My Character Counts, I'm Drug Free- Dress up as your favorite BOOK character (not video games)


    Also, this Friday, we will have the pleasure of meeting the Texas Tech mascot as they visit BCE!

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  • Week of October 17

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 10/16/2016
    We have a busy week planned for your student this week in 4th grade.  We will begin working with various multiplication strategies that require LOTS of practice.  Our goal in 4th grade is for your student to learn their multiplication facts through 12's by the end of the school year!  In science, we plan to have a test on SOILS on Tuesday and then begin weathering, erosion, and deposition on Wednesday.
    I have included some of the school wide dates to remember below:

    Week at a glance


    Dinosaur George


    PINK shirts for Natinal Breast Cancer Awareness Month


    Jeans w/ORANGE shirts for Unity Day

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  • October 11th

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 10/10/2016

    Reminders for this week:

    1.  10/11- wear pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

    2.  Science will be conducting a SOILS lab this week.  This is a graded activity.

    3.  Math will be working with strip diagrams and input/output tables to deal with addition and subtraction.  We will have a short quiz on Friday (10/14).

    4.  We will have a FIRE PREVENTION special program this Friday (10/14) at 9 AM.

    5.  Field trip permission forms are due NOW.  Money is due by the end of the month.  Trip is 11/13.

    6.  Math homework comes home Tuesday and is due this Friday.

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  • October is here!

    Posted by Stuart - 4th grade Duncan on 10/3/2016

    Hopefully, October will finally bring us some cooler weather!  Your students are busy this week with:

    • Math- We are focusing on adding and subtracting decimals as well as solving 2 and 3 step word problems.  Please remember that homework is turned in on Fridays!  We will have a TEST this Friday (10/7) on these concepts.
    • Science- We are beginning our studies of soil this week.  Students will present a CER (Claim, Evidence, Reasoning) presentation later in the week!
    • Don't forget that class t-shirt money is due this week.  The shirts are $8.50 each and it is important that we get the correct size for your student.  We will be wearing these shirts on our Austin field trip in November!
    • Also, please keep in mind that the 11/16 FIELD TRIP monies are due by the end of October.  The total is $80.  If you need another copy of the information sheet, please let me know.  It is very important that we get the bottom signed portion back as soon as possible! 
    • FALL FESTIVAL is Saturday, Nov. 5th from 2-5 pm.  We are in the process of looking for potential vendors.  We'll send home a note soon or you can inquire in the BCE office.

    All for now!  Have a great week!

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