• "Tell me, I forget;
    "Show me, I I remember;
    "Involve me, I understand."
    ~Carl Orff
    In music class at Heritage Elementary students will learn music through singing, playing instruments and movement. Each music class will consist of a variety of activities to appeal to a variety of learners. All classes will be interactive and the students will learn by doing!
    Kindergarteners will learn to use their singing voice, will be introduced to classroom instruments, and will get to move to a variety of musical styles. 
    First Graders will begin to learn to read music notation. They will also sing, start to learn mallet technique and move to a variety of music from our country and around the world. First graders will display skills they have learned during the year in a music program in April. 
    Second Graders will continue to build on music reading skills and become more proficient at playing instruments. Movement activities will include folk dances as well as singing games.
    Third Graders will begin to learn note names on the staff in preparation for learning the recorder in 4th grade. Third graders will begin the year with a performance in October, and will learn how music relates to other subjects. 
    Fourth Graders will spend the first half of the year honing their note reading skills in preparation for learning the recorder in January. The second half of the year with be spent incorporating the recorder into instrumental and vocal ensembles. 
    Fifth Graders will focus on music of other cultures this year. They will apply all of the skills they have been building throughout elementary music for a final elementary music performance in March. In the spring Fifth graders will also learn about band and orchestra instruments in preparation for middle school.