• Student Rewards

    A day is earned when there are no marks for conduct or responsibility.

    5 Days:

    -Wear Slippers

    -No Shoes


    10 Days:

    -Bring a Show and Tell (Non-Living)

    -Bring a Stuffed Animal to Class

    -Bring a Pillow and Blanket to Class


    15 Days:

    -New Mechanical Pencil


    20 Days:

    -Eat with a 3rd Grade Friend at Lunch

    -Read to Another Class or Our Class


    30 Days:

    -Be the 2nd in Line All Week

    -Wear a Hat in School


    25 Days:

    -10 minutes of Reading in the Garden for your class

    -10 minutes of Extra Teacher Read Aloud for your class


    50 Days:

    -Lunch with Mrs. Voigt/Mrs. Hemme

    -Lunch with the Teacher

    -Bring a Pet to School