• Eagle Choir Policies 



    Rehearsals will take place every Thursday afternoon from 3-4pm beginning September 7th

    *New this year:

    Eagle Choir will run from September-December. Drama club will begin in January culminating in the performance of the musical “Aladdin Kids” in May. All 4th and 5th Graders are invited to participate in one or both of these groups.


    There will be 4 Eagle Choir performances this year. Mrs. Marsh would like all members to attend all performances. If you have a conflict please let her know ahead of time, so a replacement for your part can be found. Below are the scheduled performances for the year. Please mark your calendars!

    Friday, November 10th


    HES Veterans Day Program

    Eagle Choir will be singing one song for this school wide event.

    Thursday, November 30th


    Walk to the ECDC for a mini Holiday Performance

    This mini field trip will take place during our normal choir rehearsal time.

    Wednesday, December 13th


    Dress Rehearsal for Holiday Program

    This dress rehearsal is required! Please let Mrs. Marsh know if your child has a conflict.

    December 14th

    8:30am and 6:30pm

    Holiday Program
    “A Holiday to Remember”

    The morning performance will be for the school, and evening performance for families.


    Each student will be assigned a folder. Folders may be taken home to practice music, but must be brought back to school every Thursday for practice. If your folder is lost a $2 new folder fee will be charged. The students also need to bring a pencil and water bottle to each practice. An after school snack is permitted as long as it is finished before rehearsal begins.

    Performance Attire

    A uniform look is an important part of a good performing group. Choir students are required to purchase an Eagle Choir shirt for $10. If your child was in choir last year, the shirt has changed, so please purchase a new shirt. Students also must wear black bottoms (pants or skirts) and black shoes.  No flip flops please! When dressing for a performance one should look dressier than you do on a regular school day.



    Being a part of a performing ensemble can be a lot of fun, but it is also a serious commitment for both parents and students. In order to be prepared for performances students must attend rehearsals regularly. Attendance will be taken each rehearsal. More than 2 unexcused absences per semester will result in removal from the group for the year. If a student is absent from school on a choir day, please bring Mrs. Marsh a note or email and the absence will be excused.


    Parent Pick-up

    Choir practice will end promptly at 4:00pm. Parents should pick up their child in the bus circle.. Please do not be late. More than 2 late pick-ups will result in your child being removed from the group.  No supervision will be available for younger brothers and sisters so please have them ride the bus or be picked up from school at the normal time.



    Students must be on their best behavior for rehearsals and performances. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Students will receive one verbal warning and one parent phone call. If inappropriate behavior continues the student will be removed from the group.  

    Students and parents please visit the following link to register:

    Registration and payment are due no later than Friday September 1st.
    If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mrs. Marsh: ashley.marsh@gcisd.net